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The jQuery UI Script# Import Library is based on code at ScriptSharpContrib here on CodePlex. ScriptSharpContrib hasn't been updated since 2010 but it provided an excellent start to this project. I contacted one of the original developers about forking the project and he suggested I go ahead and fork it.

I developed the jQuery UI Script# Import Library against jQuery UI 1.8.21 and Script #


The source code project contains Examples for a couple of jQuery UI widgets.

Since the new jQuery UI new API involves simply providing options in each call rather than individual method names, it is easy to form a call to jQuery UI via C#. For example this jQuery UI JavaScript code:

var icons = {};
icons['header'] = 'ui-icon-circle-arrow-e';
icons['headerSelected'] = 'ui-icon-circle-arrow-s';

var accordionOptions = {};
accordionOptions['icons'] = icons;

Is produced from this C# code via jQuery UI Script# Import Library:

Dictionary icons = new Dictionary();
icons["header"] = "ui-icon-circle-arrow-e";
icons["headerSelected"] = "ui-icon-circle-arrow-s";

Dictionary accordionOptions = new Dictionary();
accordionOptions["icons"] = icons;


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